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Our Staff

Mrs A. Gillespie Headteacher

Mrs J. McLaughlin Depute Headteacher

Mrs L. Willox Principal Teacher

Mrs J. Craig Acting Principal Teacher

Miss N. Rooney Primary 1R

Miss F. McMahon Primary 1M

Mrs S. Yaqub Primary 2Y

Mrs C. Morrison  Primary 2M

Mrs S. Leslie and Mrs T. Jamieson Primary 3

Miss L. Macartney and Miss C. Brown Primary 4/3

Miss L. Robinson Primary 4

Mrs C Ewens Primary 5/4

Mr J. Coulthard Primary 5

Miss A. Canville Primary 6C

Mrs V Wyper Primary 6W

Miss A. Page Primary 7P

Mrs R Murphy Primary 7M

Ms L. Elliott Enhanced Provision

Mrs A Dinning Enhanced Provision

Mrs H McEwan Enhanced Provision

Mrs J Craig Learning Support Teacher

Miss S. Bell Music Outreach

Mr I. Grant P.E. Specialist

Mr C. Wemyss P.E. Specialist

Miss E. Stewart P.E. Specialist

Mr D. Walsh Music Specialist

Mr C Mutch Music Specialist

Mr L. Fulton ICT Specialist

Mrs N. Paton  Janitor

Mrs J. Fleming Clerical

Mrs J. Craig Nursery Teacher

Mrs L. Gray Acting Senior Early Years Officer

Mrs J. Leckie Early Years Officer

Ms G. Waddell Early Years Officer

Mrs L Wright Early Years Officer

Mrs E Curwood  SFL

Mrs M Goodsir  SFL 

Mrs R Hughes  SFL

Mrs M Carmoodie  SFL

Mrs A Porter SFL

Mrs J Macis SFL

Mrs S Mackie SFL

Mrs M McDougall SFL

Mrs J. Green SFL

Ms E. McLean SFL

Mrs M Gilmour  SA

Mrs Strang  Kitchen Staff

Mrs Wilson  Kitchen Staff

Ms Gilmour Kitchen Staff

Mrs Ritchie Kitchen Staff